The tradition of ‘Two-Up’

What an amazing month it’s been so far with the City of the Gold Coast having played host to the XXI Commonwealth Games 2018 – the largest international sporting event ever experienced on the coast. The commitment, endurance and drive demonstrated by the athletes was inspirational to say the least.

In a few days we pay homage to our fallen soldiers – the ANZACs. Every year on the 25th of April ANZAC day is honoured as one of the most important national remembrances to all Australians and New Zealanders who have served, fought and died in our armed forces.

These men and women made the ultimate sacrifice for their country showing great courage in the face of horrendous odds. What got them through was endurance, love for their country, mateship and good humour.

There are various traditions that our nation observes on ANZAC Day. Some are reflective, including the Dawn Service and memorial parades. However, there is one light-hearted ANZAC activity that many love to take part in – the gambling game of ‘two-up.’

In case you’ve never played, here’s a simple explanation of how two-up works.

  • Two coins (preferably pennies) go up.
  • Two coins come down.
  • You make a wager on whether they’ll come up as 2 Heads, 2 Tails, or 1 of each (‘Odds’).
  • If you bet right, you win!

Is it legal?

Typically, no. Outside of licenced casinos, two-up is illegal – that is for 364 days of the year. However, on ANZAC day the law officially allows an exception. Before this new rule, there was quite a widespread underground two-up scene. Two-up schools included a person whose role was to keep an eye out for police raids. (This person was called the ‘cockatoo’).

Where did it start?

Two-up actually goes back much further than the war. A somewhat varied version of the game was enjoyed by early settlers – mainly soldiers and convicts who weren’t welcome to partake in the elite’s card games. However, during World War 1 two-up gained popularity. This simple game served as a light-hearted distraction from the realities of war. Post war two-up became a traditional ANZAC way of remembering those diggers who made the ultimate sacrifice – remembering those who fought and died so that we may live in the peace we do today.

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