Go to just about any city in the world and you will find the ubiquitous Tapas and Wine Bar. Perhaps you have felt the pull to give it a go, but are there some rookie mistakes that can stop us getting the most out of Tapas?

Let us at Sage give you the heads up of four basic mistakes to avoid when venturing into the world of Tapas.

Sage Restaurant Cafe Broadbeach TapasSticking to what you know

Tapas is about variety. It’s about enjoying high quality produce and sampling a variety of dishes. One mistake is simply to order what we know, or the same dishes every single time. Tapas is about adventure, so try something new, and be sure to ask the person serving you about any dishes you are not familiar with. Who knows, your new favourite dish could be one courageous order away.

Everyone ordering the same thing

It sort of goes without saying that you should order what you like, but Tapas is not ideally a solo activity. It’s a shared experience. Chat with those you are dining with and make sure you have a wide selection of plates. Part of the fun of Tapas is having a variety of options to taste, and exploring them with others.

Expecting huge portions

If you are in the mood for a never-ending Brazilian Barbecue or an all-you-can-eat buffet, then maybe tonight is not the night to try Tapas. Unless you plan on working your way through the entire Tapas menu, you are not likely to walk away from a Tapas experience with that overeaten, bloated feeling, but that’s not the point. Remember, it’s about variety, adventure and quality cuisine. Don’t worry though, you won’t walk away hungry.

Sage Restaurant Cafe Broadbeach TapasWanting all the plates at the same time

Okay, when you order Asian cuisine it’s ideal to have all the dishes arrive at the same time. Perhaps you make a rice island in the middle of your plate and arrange a scoop of each dish around it, or is that just me? Perhaps you hurriedly work through each dish because there is always that guy who eats all the meat and leaves you with Satay vegetables or oversized pieces of onion. With Tapas, take your time. Ask for the plates to be staggered as they come out, and allow time for your party to share the experience one plate a time. With Tapas, make sure you slow down and enjoy each individual dish.

Next time you’re coming into Broadbeach with friends, try our tapas in Broadbeach and book a table at Sage and start your Tapas adventure. You avoid the mistakes and we’ll make sure you have a great dining experience.

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