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Malady: a disease or ailment, a serious problem.

There is a bug going around which seems to have changed the way we eat, it’s the Master Chef Malady. Okay, it’s not limited to Master Chef, it could be My Kitchen Rules, Food Safari or any number of cooking shows which grace our screens. Whatever the show, we have become obsessed with food, and the predictable diet where we order the same dishes week in week out is no longer enough.

So how do you know if you have the Master Chef Malady?

1. You know the proper pronunciation for acai,quinoa, and foie gras.
2. You photo your dinner more than you photo people.
3. In your spare time, you enjoy reading cooking blogs and dreaming up your ideal menu.
4. You’ve embroidered your initials on your cooking apron at home.
5. All of a sudden you eat quail.

On a more serious note, TV cooking shows have raised the bar on what we expect on our plate. The focus on fine food with unique twists and quality ingredients has meant we just want a little more in our meal out. Soggy bread and butter pudding or a lamb roast with cauliflower and white sauce simply doesn’t cut it anymore.

At Sage, we’re up for the challenge of meeting your culinary expectations. We understand that whether you are looking for a quiet dinner for two, or for a party venue hire, the quality and variety of the cuisine is paramount. It’s the little things like slow cooking our New England lamb shanks for 6 hours, with rosemary, thyme, garlic & cabernet shiraz so that the shank is both tender and bursting with flavour that make the difference. So too with our deserts. Try our creme brûlée with white chocolate infused with saffron Persian fairy floss.

Next time you sit down to watch Master Chef and find that the ingredients in your fridge are just, well, uninspiring,give us a call at Sage, ph. (07) 5538 9938. Like you, we have the Master Chef Malady and we are obsessed with providing you great food.