Rice! Most of us have seen it, A LOT of us eat it, but what do we actually know about rice? Is it just to be boiled and added to vegetables? Does all rice have the same uses, nutritional value, perform the same way when cooked?

Rice is one of the most versatile grains around; it is healthy and is used in many different cuisines in a variety of ways. From risotto to sushi – rice is a delicious addition to a meal. Here’s the low-down on the many types of rice and their uses.

  • White rice comes in 3 different varieties, short-grain (Arborio), medium-grain (Japanese style) and long-grain (Basmati, Jasmine).
  • Brown rice is considered one of the healthier varieties of rice. It takes a little longer to cook as it has had only the hull removed but is perfect for use in a Spanish pilaf and Thai cooking as well.
  • Glutinous/sticky rice is most often used in Asian desserts and is also used as an accompaniment to Thai dishes. It is made from the short-grain rice which becomes sticky when cooked. Mix in some palm sugar and mango or papaya for a delicious dessert.
  • Steamed Rice is a commonly known form of rice and is used as an accompaniment to most Asian dishes.
  • Sushi Rice or Japanese Rice – is a sweet plump white rice used for making sushi and requires less water for cooking than some other rices.
  • Basmati/Arborio Rice is typically used in Italian dishes such as Risotto, plus Spanish dishes, including Pilaf.

This list is obviously not exhaustive, you also have black, red, wild, long grain and the list can go on. A great source of nutrients such as vitamin B and protein rice is used all over the world because of its low cost/high nutrient factor.

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