With the popularity of cooking shows and social media we are far more aware of what’s on trend than ever before.

Trend or Fad? Well, it gets down to longevity. A food trend is generally long lasting and remains a favourite for years to come. Whereas, fads tend to be short lived. The ones with limited appeal soon fall by the wayside!

With a growing lifestyle trend toward healthy living there is a strong awareness and desire to eat healthy organic fresh food. Hence the trend for ‘Super Foods.’ These include:

  • Kale – This curly leafy green is hugely popular; served in salads, savoury dishes and green juices.
  • Quinoa – A delicious addition to salads, and a healthy alternative to grains and pastas.
  • Turmeric – Contains a compound called curcumin; a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory (when consumed in concentrated amounts). This trendy spice is popping up everywhere; lattes, ice cream, savoury dishes and more.
  • Fermented Foods

  • Fermented Foods – Pickling is one of the world’s oldest and traditional ways of preserving food. Fermented food is high in fibre, full of vitamins and probiotics, and improves gut health.

Just like fashion, when it comes to cooking styles and dishes, the classics either never leave or they reinvent themselves with a new ‘tasty’ look. Here’s just a few that are on trend:

  • Southern American & BBQ Meats
    This style has really gained momentum; including dry rubbed smoked meats, pulled pork, ribs and fried chicken; accompanied with rich spicy sauces and a variety of sides. Simply delicious!
  • Burgers
    Once upon a time the home of the humble burger was the local takeaway or highway roadhouse. Not anymore. It’s had a major makeover – think gourmet!
  • Salted caramel
    Who would have thought the simple addition of salt would create such a delicious trend in desserts and ice cream. Not to mention salted caramel cheese and salted caramel green tea!
  • Old-time favourites
    There’s been a big revival in traditional classic food steeped in flavour and tradition. Hearty stews and casseroles, along with home style baked goods are well and truly here to stay.

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