three smiling women with champagne glassesHen’s nights are notorious for being a little bit cheeky and a whole lot of fun. It’s meant to be a girls’ night to remember, after all! If you’ve never organised a hen’s party before, you might think it sounds like a piece of cake, but for those of you who have, you’ll know just how challenging it is to bring together a bunch of the bride’s besties – all on the same day. And that’s before you have to worry about the venue, games, food and drinks. That’s why, at Sage Café Restaurant, we want to take the pressure off and help you pull off a celebration of the bride-to-be that all her friends will be raving about for years to come.

At Sage, we tailor our packages to meet your party’s needs. With best tapas and pizza shops broadbeach there’s bound to be something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. Our dinner packages start from only $35 per person for a delicious two-course meal. Alternatively, we offer canapé packages for cocktail parties (see our function menu). If you like, we can even bring the food to you – we can arrange catering at your chosen location.

When you book a hen’s night at our restaurant, we include:

* complimentary decorations (helium balloons) for the tables
* a free welcome cocktail for the bride-to-be
* help with games

To get the inspiration rolling, here’s a list of games we love:

I never…

This game is a great starter to help everyone to get to know each other better. The girls sit in a circle. It starts with one person saying, “I never…” Each person finishes the sentence with something they have never done. For example, “I’ve never gone skinny dipping” or “I’ve never lied about my weight”. If anyone has, then they must take a sip of their drink! The game doesn’t finish until everyone has had a turn – although it’s fun to play a few rounds.

Scavenger hunt

This is a game that sends the hen and her best friends on a scavenger hunt for different items to collect and tasks to complete! How about finding a willing male to serenade the hen with a love song or kissing bald man’s head? Make sure you have a camera handy to “capture” the moment – the pictures make for an album of memories!

It’s all in a name

Take a white t-shirt and write the word BRIDE on it. In smaller lettering, each girl writes the name of a different guy. The bride must go up to men and ask them if they can find their name on he shirt. She must then get them to sign the shirt as proof. The object is to get all of the names signed off. For every name the hen misses, she must have a drink! For fun, you can throw in some toughies – like ‘Dudley’ or ‘Vernon’ – why not?

Have other ideas? Let us know. Our staff love helping out with games and making a hen’s night the best experience for the bride-to-be.

Need some more help planning your bestie’s hen’s night? My Ultimate Hens offers a range of packages on the Gold Coast, no matter what your hen’s style – from a sassy celebration, to an adrenaline-filled weekend, burlesque inspired or simply a chic pamper weekend – they’ve got it all. That’s why they’ve teamed up with us to organise the best party venues and gold coast restaurant dinner for your hen’s night.

You’ll be doing all of the hard work before the event – so let us take care of the night. To reward you, as the organiser, for putting in the hard yards for your bestie, we give you a $100 voucher to spend on a massage or pampering session at ESab Skin and Beauty Clinic in Bundall – so you can put your feet up and relax even after the night is over! Contact us today, to see how we can help you organise the ultimate girls’ night out.