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Sage Restaurant Cafe Broadbeach - Function Venue

How to organise the perfect dinner party with friends!

Many of us live busy lives and when it comes to entertaining at home, dinner parties are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Let’s face it, who wants to cook a three-course meal for 12 people or more after a hectic week? Not to mention the shopping, cleaning and organisation involved in hosting a special function at home.
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Sage Cafe Restaurant & Pizzeria - Broadbeach - ANZAC Day

ANZAC Day – Remembrance – Lest We Forget

The tradition of ‘Two-Up’

What an amazing month it’s been so far with the City of the Gold Coast having played host to the XXI Commonwealth Games 2018 – the largest international sporting event ever experienced on the coast. The commitment, endurance and drive demonstrated by the athletes was inspirational to say the least. Read More

Sage Cafe Restaurant Broadbeach - Rice - Asian Fusion

How much do you actually know about Rice?

Rice! Most of us have seen it, A LOT of us eat it, but what do we actually know about rice? Is it just to be boiled and added to vegetables? Does all rice have the same uses, nutritional value, perform the same way when cooked?
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How Do You Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Ahhh Valentine’s Day, the time we celebrate our love for that someone special in our lives! When it comes to Valentine’s Day, we see visions of red roses, chocolates, cutesy teddy bears, diamond rings and romantic dinners.
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What’s the secret to making a great cocktail?

The 1988 film ‘Cocktail’ with Bryan Brown and Tom Cruise sparked the re-emergence of the humble cocktail. With visions of hunky Tom and Bryan doing fabulous tricks with the cocktail shaker, the cocktail went from near oblivion to a ‘must have’ when dining out! Whether it is a romantic night out or a hens’ party, cocktails should always be part of the plan for the night!
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Sage Restaurant Cafe Pizzeria BBQ Ribs

Trend or Fad – what’s the difference?

With the popularity of cooking shows and social media we are far more aware of what’s on trend than ever before.

Trend or Fad? Well, it gets down to longevity. A food trend is generally long lasting and remains a favourite for years to come. Whereas, fads tend to be short lived. The ones with limited appeal soon fall by the wayside!
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Sage Restaurant Cafe Broadbeach Tapas

Basic Mistakes When Ordering Tapas

Go to just about any city in the world and you will find the ubiquitous Tapas and Wine Bar. Perhaps you have felt the pull to give it a go, but are there some rookie mistakes that can stop us getting the most out of Tapas?

Let us at Sage give you the heads up of four basic mistakes to avoid when venturing into the world of Tapas.
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Five Simple Steps to Finding the Right Function Venue

Sage Cafe Restaurant & Pizzeria Broadbeach FunctionsYou’ve been asked to book a venue on the Gold Coast for a conference dinner. A friend is getting married and you need the hen’s night. It’s a family gathering, a fundraiser, or a birthday party and it falls on you. It’s only natural to want your function to be perfect. But where do you start? You’ve never done this before. You’re not a professional event planner.

Making sure you get the right venue is a critical step in organising your special event. So how do go about it?

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